Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers


Funding: $6,000.00

Application Deadline: March 16, 2018


Who we are:
The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers is an international professional association founded in 1944. We advance the study and application of lubrication between interacting moving surfaces. We strive to improve the performance of equipment and products, conserve resources and protect the environment through best friction management practices. This interdisciplinary field of tribology and lubrication engineering encompasses aspects of physics, chemistry, metallurgy, applied mathematics, material science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and/or applied mechanics.

Eligible topics for research the scholarship:
Students from all areas of tribology research are invited to participate. This includes the fields of manufacturing, biology, tribotesting, high tech and nanotribology. Specific subjects may include aerospace, ceramics, condition monitoring, engine and drivetrain, environmentally friendly fluids, fluid film bearings, gears, health and safety, hydraulics, metalworking, non-ferrous metals, power generation, rolling elements, seals, solid lubricants, surface engineering, synthetic lubricants, wear and other relevant topics.

To apply for the scholarship, submit:
o Contact information including your name, address, phone and email address
o Your educational background including a brief list of schools attended since high school, degrees
o Name of professor(s) supervising this project
o A 300 to 500-word essay describing a research proposal related to the field of lubrication and wear. (The proposed research is to be conducted as a condition of receiving this award.)
o Submit proposals by March 16, 2018 to:
• Jeffrey Mackey, Chair Careers Committee of Chicago Section STLE (Email:
• Karen Harrington, Vice Chair Careers Committee of Chicago Section STLE (Email:

To increase awareness of lubrication as a field of study and to promote communication between academia and industry The Chicago Section of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers offers this scholarship to help prepare a graduate or undergraduate student for work in the field of lubrication.

Funding Candidates
Funding may be provided to one or more students who will conduct a research project in lubrication.

Candidates shall be graduate or 2nd year undergraduate students studying in the geographical areas from which the STLE Section draws it membership.

Nature of Research Projects
Members of the Section Scholarship Committee may compile a list containing topics which are of current concern in the field of lubrication, particularly in the local area.

Student applicants will submit an application, a brief description of their academic background, and a brief research proposal to the Contact. The Contact will provide to the Scholarship Committee a recommendation concerning the applications. Individual applicants who are studying tribology at schools other than the Designated School will also be considered.

Requirements for Scholarship Recipients
The recipient of an STLE Section Scholarship is required to write the results of the research in a form equivalent to papers published in STLE journals and submit that report to the STLE Scholarship Committee. It may also be submitted for publication in a journal.

The winner(s) may be invited to attend one of the Section Technical Meetings as a guest to be introduced to the Section membership. The student will be expected to describe the research conducted.

The winner may be recognized on the section and/or STLE website under awards by name and title of research project or with a summary of the research if desired.

It is our pleasure to announce that the CHICAGO Section of STLE will offer up to a $6000 scholarship to a college undergraduate or graduate student who will be attending a local College or University in the coming school year.

The basic requirements for the scholarship are:

1. Should be working in or intends to work in a field some-what related to Tribology (The study of interacting surfaces, e.g. adhesion, friction, wear and lubrication).
2. Should be attending a college or university located in the area of the

The student will be evaluated on:

1. His or her college courses and grades.
2. A letter of recommendation written by a college teacher or advisor.
3. An essay (300 to 500 words) on "How your current studies or future work will advance the science of Tribology".

The deadline for application is March 16, 2018. The application should include: (1) the application form, (2) a transcript of college courses and grades, and (3) the essay. The letter of recommendation should also be sent by the teacher or advisor so that it arrives by March 16, 2018. Applications and letters of recommendation should be sent to:

Jeffrey Mackey
Chair Careers Committee
Chicago Section STLE


Karen Harrington
Vice Chair Careers Committee
Chicago Section STLE